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February 07, 2009

Our research has revealed much about the second of the teacher at the old schoolhouse.  See Kirchner.  Also see our updated Calendar of Events.

November  and December 2007

We have been some cleanup and maintenance on the website.  Several new sources of information about the Franzosenbusch settlers and their descendants are opening up to us. 

Added 2008 Events to our Calendar of Events.


Updated and corrected information on the Current Village Information  and Geo-graphical Interface pages.


Updated future items on the Calendar of Events.


Added photos of the May 20 event (Art and Linda's Wildflowers) and prairie tours to the Events And News page.


Additional restructuring and cleanup continues.

The updated Calendar of Events is available under Events And News.

Added expanded biography for Lorraine Weick, Prairie House Benefactor, to the Early Residents and Settlers -- T to Z page.


We have performed a restructuring of our menus.  We hope you find them more clear and useful.


Updated Community Calendar of Events.


Added Fish Perish In Dry River, LaGrange Citizen, Oct 10 1929 article to the Maywood page.

Added New Building Is Finished, LaGrange Citizen, Jan 1921 article to the Village of Broadview page.

Added Frustrates Hold-up On North Wolf Road By Dodging Bandit, LaGrange Citizen, Feb 9 1928 to Westchester's Early Village History page.


Added To Sraighten Wolf Road_LaGrange Citizen_Sep 2 1926 to the Western Springs History page.

Added Will Subdivide 26 Acres, LaGrange Citizen, Oct 12 1923 to the Early History of La Grange Park  page.

Added New Chief At Hillside, LaGrange Citizen, Sep 4 1924 to Hillside - Police and Fire Department - Early Years page.


Added Fire Destroys Alleys_LaGrange Citizen_Oct 17 1908 to the La Grange -- Early Village History and Early History of La Grange Park pages,

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