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Get in on the early days of a fascinating and limitless project.  At the Franzosenbusch Prairie House Museum and Nature Center on the Wolf Road Prairie Preserve you can:

Mrs. Analise Pitts, pictured to the above right, is shown translating church record.  Mr. and Mrs. Pitts are members of the Immanuel Lutheran Church.

(John Morano pictured to left.)





(Jeanne Halama, our secretary and musician)






(Lana Gits noting the condition of the old school house floor)





(Jim Hodapp drumming up support)

(Wolf Road Prairie is designated as "globally imperiled" in the Chicago Wilderness Biodiversity Recovery Plan.)




Qualified professionals in all the building trades are needed and heartily appreciated to further this worthwhile endeavor.


Our Society (working with the Save the Prairie Society) also conducts tours of Wolf Road Prairie and the history of the Franzosenbusch Prairie House.  In the fall of 2002 several bus loads of students were given tours over the course of a few weeks.  If you wish to help us with our education program, please contact us.







We are also interested in individuals and groups who will wear period costumes of the 1850's and 1860's.  The Reaves (Drew, Patricia and Tatiana) are a few of our members who dress for some of our events. Here we see Drew Reaves and and his daughter, Tatiana, dressed as the Franzosenbusch schoolhouse teacher -- Herr Kirchner -- and his daughter.

Photograph by Lawrence Godson.

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