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Current Information on Hillside, Westchester, Bellwood and Broadview Current Information of Local Communities  
A Brief Historical Who's Who Early Residents and Settlers 
Early Area and Village Histories Torode Homestead Displaced By TriState   
Torodes Woods and Savanna Views
Salt Creek  
America in the mid-1800's     
Early Settler History 1832-1850   
Life in "Proviso" (1850 - 1900)   
Proviso Township Land Ownership in 1863     
Proviso Township Maps (Maps of the township over the years)   
Broadview Landowners in 1870    
York Township Ownership -- 1870s     
Lincoln and Early Growth South and West of Chicago    
Village of Bellwood  - Early History 
Bellwood Churches and Schools  Broadview:
Village of Broadview
Forest Park (Harlem):
History of Forest Home and German Waldheim Cemeteries
Jewish Waldheim Cemetery (Forest Park)  
Woodlawn Cemetery (Forest Park)  
Concordia Cemetery (Forest Park) Forest Park's website with links to their historical, library and village sites.
Village of Hillside - Early History 
Village of Hillside Police and Fire Departments - Early History  

Covell's Quarry
La Grange/La Grange Park:
Early History of the La Grange - La Grange Park Area
La Grange -- 1930s and Later  
LaGrange Park 1930s and Later    
Early History of the La Grange Park  
Early History of the La Grange  
Early Map of La Grange Park 
Early History of the La Grange-LaGrange Park Schools

Village of Maywood 
Checkerboard Field 
Maywood -- The Story of Company A and Bataan
Western Spring:
Western Springs  
Development Efforts in Westchester  -- a photo collection -- 
Westchester Park District 
Early Village History
by Charles N. Field  
District 92 1/2   (from School Board Records 1929-1949)
Martindale Estates News    
Photographs and Drawings of the Franzosenbusch Prairie House over the Years Franzosenbusch House Through The Years  
Timeline of the 'Franzosenbusch' Area History Overview and Timeline  
House History Local History
Electric Trains of the Area's Past 

The text of contract between the Chicago Rapid Transit Company and the Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad company creating the Chicago, Westchester and Western Railroad (the company established for the Westchester branch)

Westchester's Rapid Transit Line    

Westchester Rapid Transit Contract 

Aerial Photographs of Hillside, Westchester, Bellwood and LaGrange Park as they looked in 1938 Area Aerial Photographs  
History of Area Churches Area Churches  
History of Area Cemeteries Cemeteries  
Newspaper and Magazine Articles of By-Gone Days:

-Articles from the Westchester Tribune, Special Edition, September 28, 1926 has been added

Westchester Tribune September 28 1926

-Articles from the Greater Chicago Magazine, June 1929 Greater Chicago Magazine June 1929
-A 1957 newspaper article about the Torode homestead and its fate Torode Homestead Displaced By TriState  
-Newspaper articles from Maywood's Herald Maywood Herald -- Checkerboard Field
-Articles and pictures from The Martindale Estates News Martindale Estates News

-Westchester Tribune, 1951, Nixon Development efforts

Development in the 1950s
-Newspaper account of Merritt Braga, mayor of Broadview for 42 years Merritt Braga, Chicago Tribune Article and more
Merritt Braga archives continued
-Samuel Insull's purchase of land for the British Old People's Home 1922 Suburban Life Citizen article
LaGrange Citizen articles converted from microfilm
-"LaGrange Citizen" article on the "Proviso Mystery" -- the creation of the Village of Westchester
Can Remain On Farms - LaGrange Citizen_February 19, 1925
Mystery In Sale Of Farms - LaGrange Citizen_F_October 24, 1924
Who Is Buying Farm Lands - LaGrange Citizen_October 23, 1924
-Road improvements in the 1920s on Wolf, Cermak (22nd Street) and Mannheim Road (formerly Fifth Avenue) Survey For The New Bridge_ LaGrange Citizen_ January 28 1921
Vote To Straighten Roads_LaGrange Citizen_April 15, 1921
Mannheim Road Has 9 Different Names_"LaGrange Citizen" newspaper, March 14, 1929
To Complete Wolf Road Paving In 1929_ LaGrange Citizen_October 10 1929
"LaGrange Citizen" articles about Western Springs Western Springs, Early History Of Village, LaGrange Citizen, Dec 1921
Death Trap In Preserves, LaGrange Citizen, Aug 8 1929
"LaGrange Citizen" article about the LG/LGP community To Straighten Wolf Road, LaGrange Citizen, Sep 2 1926
New Shoe Store To Open, LaGrange Citizen, Jul 6 1927

A note about the historical content on this web site:
We are constantly searching for cross references to verify our historical information.  Whenever we find such info we will endeavor to let you know about it.  In the meantime the reader is cautioned to apply common sense in realizing that the remembrances of individuals and even the writings of historians are not always totally accurate.


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