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This article appeared in the September 4, 1924 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper


 Former Broadview Chief Receives Appointment at Hillside When Two Officers Are Removed

 (From Maywood Herald)

Edward Polkow, former police chief of Broadview, was appointed police chief of Hillside recently.  At the same time Joe Coffman, chief, and Edward Flynn, motorcycle rider, were discharged by the board.  No definite reason for the action of the board could be learned other than there was considerable friction between the police department and the board and for harmonious reasons the two were let out.

There are other persistent rumors of irregularities on the part of the two officers and actions not approved by the village officials.  The story has been going around that the real reason for the dismissal was that after arresting two bootleggers one night a short time ago, the officers took the bootleggers automobile and went joy riding.

After locking up the two men, the officers took the car and went away leaving the station without anyone in charge.  One of the trustees happened to go to the station for some purpose and discovering the bootleggers locked in cells asked why they were locked up and when he learned of the arrest asked where the car had been taken.

The bootleggers explained that the officers must have taken the car to take a ride.  An investigation was started which ended with the discharge of the two officers and the appointment of Polkow as chief.  It is expected another officer will be appointed at the next meeting of the board.

This article appeared in the September 4, 1924 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper

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