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This article appeared in a January 1921 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper


Large Dormitory for Women at the Broadview Swedish Seminary Is Being Used 

After many delays, the large building to be used as a girls' dormitory at the Broadview Swedish Seminary on Twenty-second street, has been completed and was put into use last week.  This relieves the crowded conditions in the other buildings and will make it possible to carry on the school work more conveniently.

The new building has a frontage of thirty-six feet and a depth of 130 feet and is four stories high.  There is a large dining room on the first floor and a domestic class room that accommodates twenty pupils at a time.  On the upper floors are bedrooms for eighty girls.

The building is also equipped to give all kinds of baths and the various "treatments" made famous at Battle Creek.

An outdoor gymnasium has also been provided and regular exercises and drills are given all students.

The building is practically fireproof throughout and cost about $100,000.

The next improvement contemplated by this rapidly growing institution is a vocation training building.

This article appeared in a January 1921 issue of the "LaGrange Citizen" newspaper

Note:  These building were located between 25th avenue and Addison creek on the north side of 22nd street and were demolished at a later date when the 22nd street bridge over the railroad tracks was put up by the State of Illinois

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