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Local History:    Early Residents, Settlers (and other important persons)

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Who is important?  At best it is a subjective opinion of those individuals who influenced others or were "first" to participate in some significant way, be it in the 19th, 20th or even the 21st Century.  We appreciate information on more individuals you, the reader, feel we can add to the site.  The site is still young and has a long, long way to go.  Please feel free to contact me at j.arbuthnot@sbcglobal.net.  I will route your email through our other researchers.

- T -

Taylor, Zachary

See Zachary Taylor.

Tatterow, Otto

First President of Westchester, 1926.


Thiele Family

Thiele , Christian
Thiele, Henry
Schilling, Elizabeth
Thiele, Henry Jr.
Thiele, Edmund J.
Boeger, Nellie
Vegter, Lillian
See Thiele Family.

Thode, August

See August Thode.

Thomas, E. W.

E. W. Thomas (with Phares Granger) were the first elected Commissioners of Highways for Proviso Township.  Thomas owned land on Section 11.

Tope, John W., Dr.

See John Tope.

Topper, James

James Topper was added to Broadview's Police Department in February 1957.

Torode Family

See Torode Family.

Tyson, I. J.

The builder of the 1955 addition to the Lindop School was I. J. Tyson, Inc., of Broadview.

- U -

Uhlir, Mrs.

President of Westchester PTA, 1942-1943.

Uihlein, Edward G.

See Edward G. Uihlein.

Ullrich, Alex, Reverend

Reverend Alex Ullrich, the first resident pastor of Saint John's Lutheran Church in La Grange, became as venerable and popular as the church and its bell, serving his congregation for more than 48 years. He came to La Grange a bachelor, but married Alma Selle of Milwaukee in 1903.

Unold, John

See John Unold.

Urban, Otto J. E.

See Otto J E Urban.

- V -

Vallo, Vincent

Vincent Vallo was added to Broadview's Police Department in October 1962.

Vial Family

See Early Residents and Settlers--Vial Family.

Van Ottrick, John

John Van Ottrick was president of the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad at the time the line through "West Lyons" was dedicated.

Vegter, Lillian

See Thiele Family.

Volberding, Heinrich Friedrich (Fred) and Heinrich Ludwig (Henry/Louis)

The Friedrich and Heinrich Volbering two brothers and were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of  Addison, residents of Franzosenbusch, one of the founders of the Southern School District of the Parish of Addison in 1852.

Individual biographies and fact sheets are available at Heinrich Friedrich Volberding and Heinrich Ludwig Volberding.

- W -

Walter, George

One of three Broadview Deputy Marshalls appointedto serve at the Government Hospital Grounds, located near Roosevelt Road between First Avenue and Ninth Avenue.

Weiss Family

Weiss Family Tree

Wesemann, Emma

See LDS_Obituaries of Early LaGrange Settlers\Emma Wesemann.

Wesemann, Louis

Louis Wesemann moved to the future La Grange Park before the Civil War.  His farm was directly north of the Kemman's.  His home was at 703 North La Grange Road at the site now occupied by the Fairview Health Care Center.  Beside the house the Wesemann farm included a barn, windmill, icehouse and a pond.

The site of Wesemann home (above and to the right) is now occupied by the Fairview Health Care Center.  The Village Market sits where the Wesemann barn (picture to the right) once stood.  During World War II local residents planted victory garden at that same site.

Photographs from the Images of America -- La Grange and La Grange Park, Illinois, page 13

Wesemann, Wilhelmine

Wife of Heinrich Dieke, mother of Wilhelmine Catherine Louise Dieke Degener.

(See Degener Family Photos and Degener Family.)



Weick, Lorraine

See Lorraine Weick.

Westphal, Adolph

See Adolph Westphal.

Wiechmann, Christoph

See Christoph Wiechmann.

White, C. D.

See C D White.

Wiegel, Charles

Frequent contractor to the William Zelosky Company.  In the 1920's Charles Wiegel had the contract for the construction of the 88,000 feet of sidewalks in Westchester.  His son, Frank Wiegel, was the construction superintendent on the project.

Wengler, Mrs. Al

Mrs. Al Wengler was President and charter member of Broadview's Women's Auxiliary Fire Department in 1953.

Williams, Edgar and Williams, Benezette

See Edgar Williams and Benezette Williams and Western Springs Times_Dec 17 1915.

Wilmot, David

See David Wilmot.

Wilson, Clarita

Clarita Wilson attended Saint Domitilla and in 1936 became Sister Mary Carmelia, O.S.M.

Wilson, Mary

Mary Wilson attended Saint Domitilla and in 1930 became Sister Mary Loretta, O.S.M.

Wolf, John

First President of Hillside.  He served as Hillside Village President for almost twenty years.  In 1924 he was succeeded by Edmund J. Thiele.


Wolf, Pastor

Author of "History of St. John's Congregation, 1849-1899".

Wonderling, Mrs. Marvin

Mrs. Marvin Wonderling was a charter member of Broadview's Women's Auxiliary Fire Department in 1953.

Wright, Charles

See Charles Wright.

- X -

Xavier, Frances (Saint Frances Xavier of Cabrini)

See Saint Frances Xavier of Cabrini--Mother Cabrini.

- Y -

Yackey, Wilfred Anthony

See Wilfred Yackey.

Yndestad, Mrs. Fred

Mrs. Fred Yndestad was a charter member of Broadview's Women's Auxiliary Fire Department in 1953.  In 1964 she was elected the Women's Auxiliary President.

- Z -

Zehner, Roy E.

In 1927 he became a Westchester Village Trustee.

Zelosky, William

See Zelosky, William

Zimmerman, Henry

See Henry Zimmerman.

Zimmerman, Ludwig

See Ludwig Zimmerman.

Zimmerman, Paul

See Paul Zimmerman.

Zuttermeister, Henry C.

See Henry Zuttermeister, LaGrange Citizen, January 1921.

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